• Why be a Nurse at SACH?

    Our Commitment to the Future of Healthcare

    It is my privilege to serve as the Nurse Recruiter at San Antonio Community Hospital (SACH). As a registered nurse who has worked both at the bedside and in management, I believe SACH is the best place in Southern California to be a nurse. The welcoming atmosphere and supportive teamwork environment promotes our growth and development throughout the duration of our nursing careers. Lifelong friendships are made and our visible leadership allows us a voice in the care we provide.

    SACH firmly believes that quality healthcare is directly dependent on good staffing levels, sufficient support personnel and compassionate nurses who enjoy their work. The hospital is committed to establishing and maintaining safe patient care and a working environment that provides numerous rewards to its valued staff. We have several innovative programs available for nurses to develop specializations. Thanks to these programs at SACH, I have seen our nurses advance their careers and grow both professionally and personally. It is the supportive environment and exciting options like these that make our nursing practice rewarding.

    Following are just a few of the reasons why nurses at SACH can maximize their career potential and make the most of their knowledge and experience:
    • Interdisciplinary practice model built on cooperation, teamwork, and support
    • The use of a nursing theory
    • Nursing professional practice committees providing a voice in the care you provide
    • Firm commitment to specialty areas of nursing
    • Stable leadership and strong employee relationships
    • Desirable nurse-patient ratios
    • High number of support staff per RN (CNA, techs)
    • Nurse vacancy rates that are some of the lowest in the nation
    • Excellent nursing career satisfaction scores based on our annual employee survey
    • Career advancement opportunities
    • A state-of-the-art onsite Education and CPR Training Center where skills labs are conducted for ongoing nursing education and training
    • Tuition Reimbursement and Loan Forgiveness programs
    • RN-to-BSN program and continuing education and certification classes on site
    • Support from nurse educators, internists, and hospitalists
    • A tight-knit, family-like atmosphere
    • Clinical reference resources via the hospital intranet
    • Nursing participation in a hospital-wide Clinical Information System including bedside medical record documentation and a point-of-care medication dispensing system
    • A comprehensive medical library

    I would like to thank you for considering our hospital in your job search. If you share my passion for and commitment to caring for others, please consider joining me and becoming a part of an incredible team. If you would like to hear more about our nursing opportunities, please contact me at or call me at 909.920.4816.


    Marina Karkas, RN, BSN, MBA