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3Tesla MRI Technology at SACH

 LatestNews_3TeslaMRI San Antonio Community Hospital (SACH) is the region’s first 3Tesla MRI-equipped facility, providing unparalleled digital imaging.

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) technology has been used in the healthcare industry for many years as a non-invasive way to help diagnosis patients. The 3Tesla MRI recently installed at San Antonio Community Hospital is considered the gold standard in MRI technology, and provides SACH physicians with greater clarity and diagnostic abilities when examining patients for a variety of diseases. 

The magnets in MRI machines are rated on the Tesla (T) scale. The standard in most hospitals has been a 1.5T MRI, and until recently, 3Tesla technology had only been available in research applications. The 3Tesla produces twice the magnetic strength of a 1.5T MRI, resulting in images with a level of detail never seen before. The 3Tesla is also faster than the conventional 1.5T MRI, resulting in more patient comfort. 

Stroke patients and patients undergoing brain surgeries are among the chief beneficiaries of the scanner, but it also has applications for imaging the spine, muscles, bones, joints, and breast tissue. The 3Tesla MRI is part of San Antonio Community Hospital’s ongoing effort to bring the latest technology to their patients. 

San Antonio Community Hospital is a 279-bed acute care facility located in Upland, CA. SACH has been providing quality medical care to Inland Valley communities for the last 100 years. For more information, please visit SACH.org.